New vs Old


The Montford Center

The Club is fortunate to have an excellent environment for table tennis.  The Montford Recreational Center has been recently renovated with new hardwood floors and improved lighting.  Every table in the setup has plenty of room and great visibility.  The Club also has portable skirts to help corral stray balls between tables.

The Montford Center also has comfortable air conditioning in the summer and balanced heating in cooler months.


Each session for Club play can include up to 10 high quality Butterfly tables.  Tables are setup according to USATT specifications for net height for regulation tournament play.



For players seeking to improve their strokes, the Club provides an H2W Touch Pro Robot which can dispense up to 100 regulation balls to multiple locations.  The spin and speed of the automatic feed can be programmed for specific shots or for advanced drills.  A 30-minute session on the Robot can give a player a pretty good cardiovascular workout while improving playing skills.

A Table Tennis Club for All Ages and Stages